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Fascism In World War One.

May 16, 2011 by ep3020 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Fascism held a predominant spot in history, during WW1  for example, Fascism was shown in a few ways. Some of which reasons I am about to tell you about.

Picture 7Now there is a few ways Fascism held a place in WW1 some being; Nationalism and Authoritarian influences at the time.

Nationalism: Strong sense of pride for your country, that shows very strongly through the germans trying to “Cleanse” their country for the better.

Authoritarian: First though of in the Italian Renaissance by Mussolini, It is a strong will to serve your higher authorities “Elitist” Is another term that explains Authoritarianism. Not willing to fight against authorities, generally from fear, of retalliation against the government.

Picture 11Fascism also included a lot of antisemitism in this case. Hatred or contempt towards the Jews.

They also had a love for war, and commonly would glorify it as something a country needs to do for itself. They had been known to be abnormally racist in their views, and that was shown in hatred for blacks, or Jews, even though Judaism is not a race.  They used great imagery and symbolism ie.) the Swastika.

Fascism was very announced and thriving during the Nazi control in Germany during WW1, as you can tell from those examples.

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